Delco 230kV Substation

Client: Duke Energy

Location: Delco, NC

Completion: march 2020 – May 2020


  • End of life replacement of CCVT and line trap on the Weatherspoon Plant 115kV Line BØ and on the Sutton Plant North 115kV Line AØ
  • Removed and replaced existing foundation for the Weatherspoon Plant 115kV CCVT/Line Trap
  • Installed a new pier foundation for the Sutton Plant North 115kV CCVT/Line Trap
  • Replaced existing line trap jumpers with 1590 MCM ACSR
  • Replaced CCVT jumpers with 795 MCM ACSR
  • Installed new structures, line tuners, and CCVT junction boxes on both CCVT’s and Line Traps
  • Installed new 2” PVC for new conduit and cable runs
  • Replaced existing ground risers
  • Installed new 300 MCM copper grounds for the CCVT neutral and 19#9 copperweld grounds for the structures
  • FB Timberline

Highlight: This project was completed as part FB Timberline’s MSA with Duke Energy.