Fox Creek Solar Farm Tap & Main Line

Client: Duke Energy

Location: Franklin County, NC

Length: 0.3 miles

Completion Date: June 2018


  • Bypass line:
    • Assembly and erection of weathering steel tangents and 3-pole dead-end structures
    • Direct embed foundations for line tap structures
    • Stringing of single 795 ACSR and 3/8” OHSW
    • Installation of substation structure with concrete backfill foundation and terminations at the 115kV substation
  • Main Line:
    • Replacement of two structures with single pole weathering steel structures
    • Installation of unitized, manual switch
    • FB Timberline

Highlight: Project provided connection from Duke Energy’s existing Franklinton – Spring Hope SW Station 115kV line to a new switching station for a solar farm with a 0.3 mile tap line.