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Community First

The Forbes Bros. Group of Companies is committed to its Community First model. We believe that people and communities affected by power line construction activities, should have the opportunity to benefit through employment, education, training, joint venture, and subcontracting opportunities. Forbes Bros. strives to provide the First Nation and Metis communities a prioritized opportunity to participate in the company where construction projects occur. Forbes Bros’ goal is to ensure that as much work as possible is completed by individuals and businesses whose communities are most impacted by the construction activities undertaken.

Our Commitment to Indigenous Engagement

Forbes Bros. is dedicated to working in partnership with Indigenous Communities wherever possible. We are a member of the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce and are actively pursuing our Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Certification through the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

At Forbes Bros., we are committed to:

  • maximizing Indigenous participation in our workforce through short and long-term employment and contracting opportunities.
  • working with local communities to identify and fund initiatives that are impactful, relevant, and support Indigenous cultures and priorities.
  • providing training programs that build capacity in Indigenous communities, lead to meaningful long-term employment opportunities and improve their ability to benefit from economic opportunities associated with construction-related activities.
  • working closely with and supporting local Indigenous businesses to ensure they can provide safe, reliable, and competitive goods and services to our construction operations.
  • the continuing education of our management, employees and subcontractors with respect to our Indigenous engagement policy. We aim to ensure a consistent approach to the company’s relationships with Canada’s Indigenous communities.


Forbes Bros. has a long history of working in partnership with First Nation Communities through Joint Ventures and Limited Partnerships. We hold many Joint Venture Agreements across the Canadian Prairies with both First Nation and Metis Nation partners, along with a Limited Partnership agreement with a First Nation in the Yukon Territory. We continue to look for opportunities to partner across North America on projects where Local Traditional Territories are impacted by the projects we are working on.

Success Stories

Forbes Bros. recently completed a large portion of the Bipole III HVDC Transmission Line for Manitoba Hydro! We were able to maximize both Subcontractor and Direct Hire opportunities within the First Nation communities, local to our project footprint.

In particular, our most Northern scope on Bipole III, at the peak of execution and manpower needs, had almost 70% of our workforce supplied by Local First Nation communities.

Forbes Bros. has proudly worked with the Manitoba Metis Federation, Tataskweyak Cree Nation, as well as the Opaskwayak Cree Nation. Forbes Bros. is committed to fostering these ongoing relationships and building new ones with Indigenous groups wherever our work may take us.

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“We're grateful to Forbes Bros Ltd. for their gift towards this initiative. ”

They are investing in the next generation of workers. From our stand point, we want this generation of kids to look at safety with a different attitude. We want them to think, 'if I do this safely, then I can keep doing it my whole life.'

K. Belton - Injury Prevention Centre