Become a Supplier Partner in our Projects

As one of the largest privately owned businesses in our market, Forbes Bros Group of Companies depends on a wide network of supply chain partners across the globe. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the principles, guidelines, and expectations we hold for our suppliers to conduct business responsibly and with integrity. Forbes Bros. Group of Companies recognizes and appreciates the valuable contributions made by its suppliers to its achievements and building mutually beneficial client-vendor relationships.The Forbes Bros. Group of Companies is also committed to its “Community First” model in all our projects. We look to provide opportunities through employment, training, joint venture and subcontracting for First Nation and Metis communities.

If you’re interested in becoming a Supplier Partner with us, here’s how you can get started. Please express your interest by contacting our Supply Chain Management team at email: with the following information:

Company Information: Provide detailed information about your company, including:

    • Company name and address
    • Contact person and their contact information
    • A brief history of your company
    • Overview of products or services offered
    • Any relevant certifications or quality standards