Cassils – Bowmanton – Whitla – 240 kV

Client: SNC Lavalin T&D

Length: 235 km

Completion Date: March 2014

Location: Brooks, AB / Medicine Hat, AB


  • 721 steel lattice towers
  • Multiple lines: 1034/1035L & 964L/983L twin bundle 1033 Curlew ASR with ½” OHSW and 48F OPGW, 923L/935L & 1051L/1052L twin bundle 477 Hawk for new tension spans
  • Construction occurred over three summer and winter seasons due to grass fire and environmental mitigations, and landowner requirements
  • Access and ROW construction and maintenance
  • Helicopter and conventional crane erection
  • Traditional Land Use and Historical Artifacts restrictions
  • 19 km (57 structures) constructed across Sand Hills


Line construction paralleled the southern border of Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Suffield and required mitigation measures for unexploded ordinance.