Maple Ridge Additional

Client: BC Hydro & Power Authority

Location: Maple Ridge, BC

Completion Date: June 30, 2017


  • FB Valley (FBV) found that this section line was not completed by outside engineering as assumed.
  • Found that no arms or conductor has been replaced.
  • FBV had a safety by design meeting to ensure all scope was captured then created all the outages and clearances to reframe and re-string all structures from 248th to 253rd (before ravine).
  • Live line distribution reframing with double 11.6’ cross-arms.
  • Re-conducting 1 – 2 km of copper with new 266 conductor.
  • City permitting
  • Multiple clearance and outage coordination to minimize customer impact.
  • Coordination with school districts and local business to complete work outside normal work hours to minimize customer impact.
  • Live 69 kV circuits above
  • Aca remediations


  • 3 phase tree work purchased with 12-foot arm so wire could be picked more efficiently with greater public safety.

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