Nagogdoches SE Re-termination

Client: Oncor Electric Delivery

Location: Nacogdoches, TX

Length: 4 lines for a total of 1.25 miles

Completion Date: March 2019


  • Re-route four 138kV, vertical build transmission circuits into a newly expanded substation
  • 959 ACSS (2 circuits), 1926 ACSS (2 circuits)
  • Drilled pier foundations
  • Swamp conditions requiring access matting for all equipment access and egress.

Highlight: One circuit remained energized at all times requiring work under energized conditions. The live line work was completed with our own crews.


This path took 40 years.

nagogdoches The Forbes Bros. Group of Companies shows up ready to deliver with 40 years of experience behind us. nagogdoches With over 2500 pieces of owned construction equipment, our capabilities are limitless.