North Foothills Transmission Project – 240 kV & 138 kV

Client: SNC Lavalin T&D

Length: 45 km

Completion Date: June 2015

Location: Alberta, Canada


  • 154 structures consisting of steel lattice towers, steel monopoles, and wooden H-frame structures
  • Double circuit, twin bundle 1033 Curlew ACSR and 13 km section of triple circuit, twin bundle 1033 Curlew
  • Salvage 14 km of existing wood H-frame line and 3km of steel lattice tower line
  • Helicopter and conventional crane erection
  • Cast-in-place concrete piles, helical piles, and direct embedment


As part of Altalink’s Foothills Area Transmission Development this project provides transmission reinforcement and improved reliability for infrastructure that was originally built in 1985.