In the past 6 years, we have strung enough conductor to wrap over halfway around the world (23,039 km/14,316 miles).

Our projects traverse many geographies such as frozen ground, marshes, northern tundra, grassland, and cultivated lands.

Forbes Bros has demonstrated its ability to deliver complex projects by providing:

  • Overhead and underground transmission lines up to 500 kV
  • Extensive owned fleet and expert transmission resources
  • Civil construction capabilities including various types of foundation installations
  • Assembly and erection of all structure types including wood poles, steel monopoles, wood/steel H-frames, and large lattice towers (guyed and self-supporting)
  • Conventional and helicopter erection methods
  • Construction over major transportation and utility corridors
  • Conductor stringing up to 4-bundle conductor
  • OPGW installation and splicing
  • Inspection, testing, and commissioning
  • Clearing and access construction
  • Site reclamation and repair

Working Together To Build Things That Matter.


km of conductor

Enough to wrap over halfway around the world


Owned Equipment

Number of specialized owned construction units dedicated to T&D, substation, underground and telecommunication projects.



Overhead and underground transmission lines


Contractor of Choice

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“There is always something new on the horizon at Forbes Bros!”

I have worked at Forbes Bros for six years now and have enjoyed watching the company grow and change. Since I started working at Forbes, we have expanded our operations into different lines of business and different geographical locations, including the United States. Every time the company grows, there is an opportunity for me to learn new things and expand my own knowledge base. This learning is supported, encouraged and appreciated by the company. There is always something new on the horizon at Forbes Bros!

Diane Sample - Pension, Benefits, Disability Manager